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March 29, 2012

Cornelia, Felix and Gregoire ask painters to reflect what is going on

Over 1,000 guests were welcomed by Climate Justice Ambassadors Cornelia and Gregoire upon entering the Farbtex trade fair in Sindelfingen. Farbtex decorated the entrance with trees and offered customers to the two day long event a special deal for every Farbtex branded pot sold, they would plant one tree.

About 9pm, Felix made the several hundred of painters present see the future through the eyes of the children. “We cannot wait and watch adults do nothing. We must take the future in our own hands. Insulating is the best thing painters can do because 50% of heat energy is lost through poorly insulated houses and 80% of properties in Germany are old. Every insulated house saves energy, reduces CO2 and improves our future!”

During the two days not only was lots of insulation sold but also thanks to the collaboration of Caparol, Farbtex, the painting trade and Plant-for-the-Planet, more than 1.500 trees will be planted. After Easter, we will know exactly how many were planted.

Since Inthermo had already donated 3,000 trees in November 2011, DAW-group then planted over 4,500 for their tree counter.

National Guild Master, Thomas Schiek, shows great interest in an Academy for children of painters. Farbtex managing director, Ulrich Schabel, thanked Cornelia, Felix and Gregoire for their dedication and rounded the Future Fee, which is 0.01% of annual turnover, voluntary up to €8,000 so that with this money an Academy can soon take place in Ludwigsburg.

Felix thanked Mr. Schabel and mentioned in his speech that as well as this Academy in Ludwigsburg, paint wholesale company Sundo would also put on a further Academy in Aschaffenburg on 7th July 2012 in cooperation with Caparol.

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