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November 27, 2012

Felix and friends in Barcelona

Felix held a speech on 13 November at the Vision 2012 Conference by the softwarecompany Symantec. Over 2000 delegates listened, as Felix called for planting trees to reduce the climate crisis. He was supported by his new friends, four Climate Justice Ambassadors, which were particiapted in the first academy in Barcelonaon the day earlier.

The conference participants were very enthusiastic about  Plant-for-the-Planet and Felix was voted  one of the best speakers at the conference. On stage  10,000 trees were promised and over the three days of the conference, over 20,000 more tree were pledge on our tree counter. Altogether,  people from around the world pledged 36,851 trees. At the event location, the Fair of Barcelona, a tree was ceremonially planted together with the environmental council and key representatives from Symantec.

You can watch Felix speech here:


The children empower each other at Plant-for-the-Planet Academies and at the end are appointed Ambassadors for Climate Justice. To get active straigt away, you can get our Plant-for-the-Planet extensive ambassador bag with educational material on the climate crisis. This is only possible thanks to donations. Every little amount counts. You can donate here.

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