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March 11, 2013

10-year-old Climate Justice Ambassador shows the automotive sector the way

On 20th February, Cameron (10), Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassador and member of the children’s Global Board made a presentation to 70 corporate executives from the automotive world.

The event was hosted by DHL in Johannesburg for their top global automotive customers, and Cameron had been invited to speak as part of their sustainability section.  He was introduced as a “small surprise” at the end of the Go Green session.

Cameron said: “I had butterflies in my stomach but wanted to speak about climate change.  I hoped that the adults would listen to what we children are doing and be motivated to ‘go green’.  I used Felix’s line about adults acting like monkeys, only thinking about enjoying ‘one banana’ today rather than six tomorrow.  They laughed, but maybe they will think about it.”

At the end of his presentation Cameron left the audience with the message “don’t be monkeys”, and the message worked!  “Afterwards, quite a few people asked how their children or grandchildren could get involved.” said Cameron.

Speaking after the event, The DHL representatives present at the event were full of praise for 10 year old Cameron, explaining that he had spoken at the end of the sustainability section that had been kick-started by car giant Renault and included presentations on green vehicles, logistics solutions and change management.

DHL explained how sustainability means change management, and that it was important to focus on the children when talking about change management. Commenting on how good a speaker ten-year-old Cameron was, DHL confirmed that Cameron’s speech was a strong element of the sustainability section.

One customer even took a video to show his child what children can do!

Cameron’s speech was so well received, that DHL have already invited an active child from Plant-for-the-Planet to speak at their next event in China!

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