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October 21, 2013

Self-sufficiency Economy and Climate Change in Thailand

On October 14th, the fourth Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in Thailand took place in Ratchaburi. Instead of the expected 40 participants, over 100 students from two local schools took a break from their vacations and came to learn about climate justice, plant trees and prepare for their own actions.
The venue of the Academy was the “Learning Center for Self-Sufficiency Economy”. Self-sufficiency economy is a theory that has been proposed by the King of Thailand and it guides people to use not more than they have and limit themselves to what they need. It is an important piece for the puzzle of how to overcome the climate crisis.
100 mahogany trees were planted on the grounds of the Learning Center. This tree which comes originally from the Americas is also a very valued species in Thailand for its durable wood.
As we were planting, on the neighbouring lot a chainsaw was turned on and the biggest and most beautiful tree around was cut down. This showed how necessary it is to plant more trees. It also showed that it is equally necessary to protect those trees that are standing and care for them. And it showed what will happen if today’s children sit and wait for the adult generation to solve the environmental crisis.
The presentation was held by Galileo from Germany in English and translated to Thai. Galileo is only 6 years old and has been joining his dad Kjell on Plant-for-the-Planet Academies for the past months. In July, still aged 5, he held his first presentation at an Academy in China, at that time in German. This Academy was the first one where he spoke in English. It was very empowering for the participants to see such a small child speak – if a 6 year old can do it, of course they can, too! Watch some videos and see the pictures here:

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