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500th Plant-for-the-Planet Academy

500 Academies, 30,000 CLimate Justice Ambassadors, almost 13 billion trees – what better a reason to celebrate?

On 21st May 2014, Plant-for-the-Planert’s 500th Academy took place in the town of Mfou, Cameroon. 100 Children, of which 85% were English speaking and 15% were french spreaking, were empowered top become Climate Justice Ambassadors. Every participant had the possibility of planting their own tree. At the end of the Academy, the new Ambassadors all promised to return to their trees, to care for them and look after them.

The unbelievable success story of Plant-for-the-Planet’s academies started almost 6 years ago. The first official Academy took place in St. Andreasberg in Niedersachsen, Germany at the beginning of November 2008. Children and youth from all around the world (46 Countries and still counting) have been empowered at Plant-for-the-Planet Acadmeies to take their futures into their own hands and to be active against the Climate Crisis and active for Global Climate Justice.

Since then, (more than) 500 Academies have taken place in 46 countries on almost every continent. New Academies are being organised every day. The best photos from our Academies from all over the world can be found in our Flickr-Albums. We hope you enjoy them!

By 2020, we want to empower 1 million children and youth to fight for a better, sustainable future.

We have already achieved so much but this has only been possible thanks to our committed supporters, to whom we are very grateful. Please support us, so that we can soon celebrate the next 500 Acadmeies!


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