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March 14, 2014

New Ambassadors inspired to Get Planting!

We held two more Academies in Ghana on 01/02/2014 and 08/02/2014. In both cases the Academies were moderated by Mr. Iddrisu Faisal. The opening prayer and address was held by one of the participants, Asana, on 01.02.2014. On 08.20.2014, this was performed by Global Youth Board president, Mohammed Rabiu Dannakabu.
In both cases the Academies were attended by 80 children from 8 different schools.
The academies both started with the introduction video by Felix as it is very important for the children to watch this movie to get inspired. After watching the video by Felix, looking at their faces one could notice that those kids were touched by the movie. After the watching the Man Who Planted Trees, the presentation of the academy was held. We opened the floor for discussions and questions concerning the presentation. At both Academies this was wonderful and I observed some brilliant questions from the children and some level of understanding of what we are doing.
After that session, the other modules of the academy soon followed, the children also gave good presentations on their actions and plans for climate justice, pledging their support for Felix and Plant-for-the-planet to fight for their own future.
Finally, the planting actions took place. On the 01.02.2014, 56 trees were planted, on the 08.02.2014, 70 trees were planted. The trees planted included Mango and Carcia. 
In both cases, the planting was followed by returning to the hall for snacks, closing remarks and encouragement, and the closing prayer.

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