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January 29, 2014

President of the Global Youth Board Hosts Two Academies in January


On 18th January 2014, the third plant-for-the-planet academy in Ghana took place in Navrongo Municipality of the Upper East Region. Children from 8 schools around the Municipality participated at the academy, In total 80 students participated in the academy for their first time. We had a welcome address by the academy organizer Mohammed Rabiu Dannakabu, to welcome and greet the students and two teachers who came for the event. The Academy presentation was given and an emphasis was placed on carbon emissions as one of the major causes of the climate change crisis. Again emphasis was placed on the importance of planting trees around and the participants had the opportunity to watch Felix’s introduction video and The Man Who Planted Trees.




After the presentation, questions and discussions about the lecture followed up. Even though it was their first time to hear about the climate change crisis, I was surprised to see how inspired the children were by Felix’s activities, affirming their support in the fight for climate justice. 60 Acacia trees were planted during the academy and the children enjoyed the planting moments. After lunch we had the other important modules of the academy.

Some of the empowered children then gave a little presentation in front of their colleagues and the teachers who accompanied some of the students. The children used statements like “when the last tree dies the last man dies” in their presentations.

We then had the closing remarks and prayers and ended the academy.




Another power packed plant-for-the-planet academy took place in Ghana in the kassena Nankana West District of the Upper East Region in Paga on the 25th January, 2014. We had participants from 10 schools, 8 students from each school. In total we got 80 participants. The academy started with the registration of the children, after which everybody got settled and we had the opening prayers said by a girl student from Manyoro Primary school called Adangsua.


The welcome speech by the moderator called Iddrissu Faisal. The participants in this academy also watched the Movie of the Man Who Planted Trees and as well as the introduction video, followed by the opening presentation. After the presentation we had questions and discussion on the presentation. Although most of the children actually had it difficult to understand Felix’s English because of the accent, the children were still really inspired and motivated to fight for climate justice and to start some planting exercises.


After lunch we had the other modules followed up. The rhetorical aspect was so lovely, the children came up with wonderful ideas in their group works, after that the world café followed. We had four 4 ambassadors who did the presentation in front of their mates and it was good as well. We then came out for the planting activities of 40 acacia trees, we had the closing remarks by Mohammed Rabiu Dannakabu and the closing prayers as well and we ended the academy for the day.



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