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200 new trees and 80 new ambassadors in Cameroon!

The first Academy in Ntolo (in the coastal region of Cameroon) took place on Saturday 28 April 2018. About 80 participants aged between 9-12 attended the Academy, led by the program coordinator Mr Felix Nkam, and with the participation of some members of the local board and the staff of the Center of reinsertion of children in Ntolo.
The Academy was introduced by the program coordinator Mr.Felix Nkam. He greeted all the children and special guests, and presented the daily program. Following these welcoming words, Rev Narcisse, young climate activist and Climate Justice Ambassador, gave the Plant-for-the-Planet presentation. He introduced complex topics such as sources of CO2, global warming, photosynthesis, climate crisis, global justice and afterwards the children had the chance to ask their questions.

The next module was led by the program coordinator Felix Nkam and the aim was to introduce the power of speeches, the effects of body language and also give the children the opportunity to hold a speech in front of a public. In order to take action and speak up for their future, the children need good presentation and speaking skills. Therefore the participants prepared and presented short passages from the opening presentation they had listened to in the morning. They gave each other feedback on how to improve their presentations in the future.

In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to take action for their future right away: they went to plant trees! They received information on how to plant trees, when to plant them and how to take care of them. In return, the participants were able to show off their newly gained knowledge about the role and importance of trees. In the planting location we planted more than 200 trees, all offered by our hosting organisation Ceren, who is dealing with disabled and orphans children.

After planting trees, we went once again back to the meeting home. A feedback about the Academy was given and the children could continue practicing speeches in front of people. This time was quite important as the children gathered in their school groups and planned their own project, which they would want to implement after the Academy. They also identified the geographic position of continents and countries while seing their impacts on the environment.

During the farewell ceremony certificates were given to the participants, declaring them “Ambassadors for Climate Justice”

“Let´s save the world by planting trees“!


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