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500 Trees – University of Ibadan takes action!

The event started with singing our National Anthem, followed by special addresses by the representative of the Director of the Distance Learning Center at the University of Ibadan (DLI) – Dr S. A. Adejumo. In his brief welcome address he congratulated the participants for being part of the Academy which coincided with World Environment Day 2018. He asked them to pay good attention and be ready to replicate the idea of tree planting in their respective schools and communities.  In his welcome address, the Plant-for-the-Planet program coordinator Prince Olawuyi Seyi thanked the Center for Sustainable Development (CESDEV) at the University of Ibadan for their logistics supports and collaboration.



Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassador Master Abdul Rahmon Adebayo held the lecture “Now we Children Save the World”. He talked about how the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative was started, the issue of C02, the idea behind Climate justice, the causes of climate change, the effects and solutions. He charged the new ambassadors to stand up and take up environmental initiatives. Prince Olawuyi shortly discussed Plant-for-the-Planet and its successes as well as climate change and its impacts in Nigeria. Participants asked questions which Prince Olawuyi did answer.

The participants were taken on a special lecture on how to plant and care for trees. The lecture was taken by Dr Jimoh Saka, a senior lecturer at the Forestry Department, University of Ibadan. He explained the right time to plant as well as how to plant and care for the trees and announced a practical tree planting exercise.

The students split up to either engage themselves in the World Game or to receive a public speaking training. In the following World Café participants planned what they would do to promote Plant-for-the-Planet ´and environmental sustainability in  their schools and communities.

The participants led the dignitaries to the planting site.  Guided by Dr Jimoh Saka Ambassadors and dignitaries together planted over 300 trees.

The participants returned to the hall to present their plans to further promote Plant-for-the-Planet and environmental sustainability in their various schools and communities to the adults. Their plans included: formation of Tree Planting Clubs in their various schools, collaboration with local media organisations and other higher institutions in Ibadan and organising a Tree Planting Day, involving notable Ibadan community leaders and paramount rulers.

Other activities during the event includes:  Presentation of certificates to the new ambassadors, display of films, solidarity messages from the invited dignitaries which included lecturers and principal officers from the University of Ibadan.

In his closing remark Prince Olawuyi thanked the participating schools and their teachers. He specially thanked the University of Ibadan for providing a hall for the various workshops and the planting area. Among the dignitaries at the occasion were the Director of DLI, post graduate students from CESDEV, lecturers, NGOs, teachers and friends.

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