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73 new children set off to save the world as Climate Justice Ambassadors!

73 children gathered at the Plant-for-the-Planet academy in Amalapuram, India on the 23rd of April. The program was officially inaugurated with the opening remarks from the Principal of the host school. He further added the importance of youths and children to solve the climate crisis. After that, the session was handed over to Climate Justice Ambassadors Sudeep Ghimire, Kushal Ghimire and Sundar Ghimire to give the presentation "Now we children save the world!"

In the subsequent question and answer session, the children had the opportunity to eliminate any ambiguities they may still have had.

Following the presentation, the children were divided into three groups to learn about global distribution and climate justice by playing the World Game. The children distributed figures, candy and balloons on the world maps laid out on the tables as symbols of the world’s population, wealth and CO2 emissions respectively. Eventually, the CO2 emissions and wealth were distributed fairly – everyone has equal rights.

After the World Game, the students were taken to the dining hall for the lunch where they also had the opportunity to interact with each other.

The children were introduced to the basics of public speaking. Then slides of the opening presentation that they had seen at the start of the day were given to the students and they tried to present it to the friends. They gave each other tips on how to improve their presentations in the future. The students were divided into the school groups to make their specific action plans for each group. They had a huge group discussion, before they finally came up with their plans.

Afterwards every school made their own plan, each school group presenting their ideas to everyone in the hall. The students were so excited to plant trees. The students planted 20 trees around the College premises. Students of the host school made the commitment to protect those plants.

After a long, eventful, and enjoyable day, all 73 participants received their certificates, which recognized them as a Climate Justice Ambassador, an interesting day had come to an end. Teachers, Friends, organizers and guests were very impressed by the performance of the children.

The Academy was made possible with the dedicative commitment of Sir CV Ramana School and BVC NSS Unit of BVC Engineering College.The event was free-of-charge for all the attending children. Special thanks go to Faculty coordinator of the BVC NSS Unit; Mr. St. Naidu and Principal of Sir CV Ramana School; Mr. Satya Murthy. Not to be forgotten are the many helpers and supporters, without whom the implementation of the Academy, venue, technology, food, tree-planting event and much more would not have been possible. 

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