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November 16, 2018

60 children are Climate Justice Ambassadors now

The third Academy in Cameroon was previously planned to take place in Bangangté in the west of the country. But due to the ongoing bad situation in northwest and southwest it was not possible to offer public activities with children. Fortunately, we were able to organise the academy on the first day of the local COY in oder to involve children more. Four primary schools participated with 60 children.

A representative of the minister of environmental affairs and sustainable developement gave the first speech. He welcomed all participants and showed the importance of the Academy for the life that God give us in abundance. In addition, he was very affected by the way how children adress the climate message to the adults after being well trained in rhetoric and also by the engagement of Plant-for-the-Planet for promotion of climate justice via trees. It is important to mention that this opening ceremony took place conjointely with the official beginning of the local COY14.

The second speech was given by the coordinator Felix Nkam. He presented the aims and the vision of Plant-for-the-Planet. After he greeted the children and special guests and thanked the host, he started to present the daily program including peculiarities.

Then the stage was open for the representative of the government and the director of the national school of fishing and forestry, who just declared to open their second academy. Through an educational talk he raised awairness among children on the necessity of trees and their impact on the environment.


We brought a former ambassador with us, who has been trained during the last Academy in Ngaoundére. He gave feedback on some Plant-for-the-Planet activities in order to show confidence to the participants and to help them to plan their future involvement for the coming events.

The World Game, Café Game, the Rhetoric Training and the Planting Campaign were lead by Felix, the coordinator. The children learned about the unequal distribution of wealth and CO2 emissions. 

Furthermore the ecoguards and evironmental engineers had the opportunity to talk to the children about their techniques to plant trees.
After that, we moved to the area, where we were able to plant our trees. Planting time!

120 trees, which were offered to us by the government-delegate were planted with the average of two trees per child.

After planting the trees, we went back to the meeting house to continue the games. Now every child practiced to hold a speech in front of an audience. The participants got the chance to discover the effects of body language and learned how to give a good speech. Afterwards the children thought about theit opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions.

During the farewell ceremony, certificates were given to the participants, declaring all of them as new "Climate Justice Ambassadors".

The stage was free for the little ambassadors-girls to spread the aim of Felix and Plant-for-the-Planet to the hole country through our only official TV CRTV. This is quiet important for the visibility of the lovely and precious organisation.

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