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November 5, 2018

A Story to Be Told in the Cinemas

Only at the age of nine is a child allowed to attend the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy? Lola didn't accept that at all. She is seven, but wants to be active. And when her brothers Henri (12) and Anton (10) set up an academy in her hometown, Lola of course took part.

Afterwards she decided to start a project by herself: Lola wants to plant trees with her class mates.

But where could they plant trees? She made an appointment with the mayor and he listened to her. As well, he promised to provide a planting area. Lola also organized the seedlings and food for her classmates. And she phoned the editorial office of the local newspaper in the neighbouring town.

Not only we think that it's amazing what Lola and her brothers are doing. A film team from France became aware of the children. When the film team decided to come to Lola's presentation she gave at school and to her planting action, Henri and Anton also considered how they could take advantage of such an opportunity!

The two brothers wrote letters to companies in the region. They were invited by the company ‘Streetscooter’, which builds electric cars for Deutsche Post, the main German post office. Together with the film team, they visited the business people. Henri and Anton presented how they could cooperate with Plant-for-the-Planet.

It's obvious that a little sister doesn’t want to stand back behind such brothers. If you also want to do great things like Lola, Anton and Henri, sign up quickly for one of our autumn academies:

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