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November 8, 2018

Good news from São Paulo!

On November 8th 2018 the students of the Objetivo Sorocaba, a school in the countryside of the state of São Paulo in south-east Brazil took part in another Academy.

The partnership between Plant-for-the-Planet and the Objetivo Sorocaba already exists since the beginning of Plant-for-the-Planet in 2007 nearly 12 years ago.

Due to this, an Academy already took place in 2017.

But this time children from different classes and ages took part in the Academy to guarantee that the message and the projects created engage finds its way in every part of the school.

Thanks to the school the space, meals and material were provided and Program Coordinator Luciano Frontelle was able to mobilize a group of volunteers from the Environmental Education Network from the State University Unesp. to realize the project.

As a result of the Academy, 27 new Climate Justice Ambassadors were educated and 50 trees were planted.







For more pictures of the event click here! And if you want to become a Climate Justice Ambassador, you can apply at the following webpage.

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