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December 16, 2019

Curitiba just gor 32 new Climate Justice Ambassadors

The Academy on September 19 had 32 children at the Heitor de Alencar Furtado Municipal School. The afternoon’s academy started right after 1pm with a presentation of our Climate Justice Ambassador, Lazaro.

He explained what we as Plant-for-the-Planet do, who Felix is and his inspirations to create this whole project. After the presentation, we started the World Game dividing the children into three groups. Everything went well with the game and the kids really got interested and shared their knowledge with the group. In the rhetorical training we subdivided the World Game groups, had the kids sat on the floor and explained how to make a good presentation. In addition we gave some tips for giving a good feedback without making anyone uncomfortable.

Then, we gave each of the subgroups one of the slides of the initial presentation, as well as pieces of paper and pens, so they could organize how they would like to present their own presentation later. After that, children went to their break and we took the opportunity to organize the next activity. When they returned, we gathered the three groups again to do their projects and their presentations. One group made their project a list of attitudes they could take within the school to improve the environment, another one decided to make toys out of recyclable materials, and the last group came up with the idea of making a garden and making selective trash bins out of cardboard. They were really creatives and very interested in helping the school. And finally, we asked them if they enjoyed the afternoon and the activities, and answered us out loud and clear: YES!

We emphasize that now they are ready to receive their Certificates of Climate Justice Ambassadors, but with that comes the responsibility to affirm the projects and help our planet. We reinforced once again that change begins in their own attitude and as from now on, assuming this title, the commitment was even greater. They agreed and guaranteed that they would fulfill their obligations! In the end of the presentations, we reinforced with them that on the next day we would come back to plant the trees and hand over their certificates. We also asked if they had enjoyed learning about the environment and everyone was excited to say yes, and they couldn't wait to plant it!

On Friday, the event was scheduled to commence at 3pm, but the weather was not very good and we thought the big planting organized by the city hall would not happen, however the weather was improving and the planting happened as expected. When the children saw us, they got super excited.

Since there were 1.380 trees, we told the school’s director, Mrs. Olga, that all students from the school could attend the planting, and we told our Climate Justice Ambassadors that they would plant their seedlings and teach others (who were not Ambassadors) once all were invited to plant. Finally the Mayor of Curitiba, Rafael Greca, arrived and explained the importance of trees for our lives and for our planet. The planting was great! We also got a picture from our Climate Justice Ambassadors covering the mouth of the mayor and the environmental secretary as part of the “stop talking start planting” Campaign. Towards the end, we handed over the certificates to the children, but School Director, Mrs. Olga asked us if they could finish delivering them at school by themselves, so we agreed and said goodbye.

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