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December 2, 2019

Stop talking. Start planting!

Years ago, the children of Plant-for-the-Planet had the idea for a quite cool campaign: grown-ups are talking so much about preventing the climate catastrophe – but they don’t act enough. So why don’t we tell them: “Stop talking. Start planting!”

In Hungary, our Program Coordinator Zita together with her wonderful team of young women: Nora and Lilla, wanted to launch this campaign. In 2018 they had the chance to hold their first Academy at ELTE Gyertyánffy school in Budapest and convinced many famous parents of the children there to join in and support Plant-for-the-Planet. This year they managed to make a whole media week with Academy, TV and Radio interviews and big ‘Stop talking. Start planting’ campaign shooting.

During Plant-for-the-Planet media week, Zita and her team organized a shooting day with a writer, sportsmen, an opera singer, an actor, and even with the first Hungarian astronaut Bertalan Farkas:

Actor József Gyabronka, writer Judit Berg and opera singer Bori Keszei:

Fencer András Szatmári, singer Kati Wolf and actress, singer and model Kati Rák:

Actor Géza Bodor, model Barbara Andrási and musician Tibi Kiss:

See the awesome results in this video:

For all of you who understand Hungarian, we have an interview Zita gave to Ozone TV::

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