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December 6, 2019


Together with local tree planting organizations, we set up a new planting project in Ethiopia. Not only does it have a wide range of benefits for the planet, but also for the region and all the people living there. Let’s grow the pioneer Ethiopian forestry management project!

Plant-for-Ethiopia will develop a sustainable forestry management system as well as a vocational training programme for youth. In doing so, it provides a huge contribution to local welfare and prosperity. At the same time, the forests we create are a source of materials, food, biodiversity, and soil fertility. And, last but not least, the trees bind carbon dioxide in the long term and thus reduce the impact of global warming.

This will become a lighthouse project for other countries in the Global South!

The Konso tribe, who play a major role in the project, have been practicing a special type of agroforestry since hundreds of years. Thanks to their impressive terrace farming and unique lifestyle, they were named as a world heritage by the UNESCO.

This way, the Konso Development Association contributes hands-on tree planting competence as a professional local organisation while Plant-for-the-Planet adds their strategic expertise as a global mobiliser for reforestation to mitigate the climate crisis.

The second local tree planting organisations is the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and the Inter-Church Aid Commission – with churches playing an important role in Ethiopian forestry as enclaves protecting native species and biodiversity. The first youth have already started planting in the South Gonder region.

Plant-for-Ethiopia’s target is to link the ancient church foresta and in so doing plant 350,000,000 trees. You can join us and support Plant-for-Ethiopia on the Plant-for-the-Planet App: weplant.app