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December 10, 2019

The 16th Academy taking place in Curitiba

During the Academy on August 14, at the Escola Municipal Bela Vista do Paraíso we had loads of fun!

Alltogether 78 children attended at the Escola Municipal CEI Bela Vista do Paraíso. We started of with the initial presentation and explained to the kids what we were going to do during the day and how we are going to plant the trees on another day because the Environment Secretary couldn’t go that day. During the initial presentation some kids were really touched when they learned about the slow extinction of polar bears.

After that we separated them into four groups so we could begin with the World Game. We put the maps on the floor and explained the rules of the game. The kids did very well and we were able to finish the game right on time for their first break.

When the break was finished they gathered up in their groups and were given the papers to start with the rhetorical training. During that the participants were divided into even smaller groups. Each group got handed a slide of the initial presentation and a piece of brown paper such as a pen for them to write notes.

After successfully this part of the Academy all kids met in the big group again. In the following they should think of their own project and how to help the school and their community in that way. Half way through the kids where sent into lunch break.

After lunch we went right back to the activity and we were all really happy with the kids and what they were coming up to, so we gave them some time to finish up with the Project to start the presentation. In the end we gathered everyone and gave them they certificate and they finally bacame Ambassadors!

So we said out goodbyes and told them that we would come back and they will tell us what they had created and that we will also plant some trees!

When the tree planting day finally came we asked the teacher to bring the first class so we started planting 4 trees with the first class. After that we asked for the second class to come down to the place where we were doing the activity and so we planted 3 other trees. Then we had to wait for the break to end so we could plant with the last class 5 other trees that were outside of the school. 

So we did it, we waited for the break to end and than we finished up with this school. It was a success and because we had 6 volunteers and everything happed really smoothly.

Huge thanks to everybody who was involved! All üictures can be downloaded here.

Do you want to become an Ambassador yourself and plant trees for Climate Justice? Sign up for the next Academy here.