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January 20, 2020

Children in Salvador Making Plans for the Region

On May the 2nd, 27 children had a fabulous day at the Academy at Deputado Gersino Coelho School in Salvador!

One of the school’s students, a Climate Justice Amassador, welcomed the paricipants by giving an impressive presentation. Then, they had fun playing a game called “Plant/Seed”.

The training began with the World Game: By simulating the distribution of population, wealth and emissions, the children became aware of the unfair situation on the planet. Then, they practiced giving presentations in a rhetorical training to become ready for their later activities as Climate Justice Ambassadors.

After a relaxing lunch break, everyone was excited about the next step: The students planned their own projects and promised to realize them after the Academy. The groups had various ideas on creative garden and recycling projects and presented them with their beautifully drawed posters.

The principal, Katia de Jesus, promised to support the realization of the projects and encouraged the kids to stay active. She also thanked the team for their commitment. The hosts recalled the importance of Climate Justice Ambassadors and their potential to save the world by planting trees. Finally, they solemnly handed over the Ambassador’s certificates and already gave some instructions for the tree planting everyone was looking forward to.

The next morning, the group came together again. Even two volunteers and MMA Fighter and Mayra Cantuária were there to kindly support the team. Together, the Ambassadors planted 20 trees of the Atlantic Forest’s native species. This way, they already put into effect what they had learned the day before! The Academy had come to an end and the team said goodbye to 27 new, motivated Climate Justice Ambassadors.

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