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February 10, 2020

Climate Justice Ambassadors further plant trees in Salvador

This Academy was held on sunny Wednesday, April 17th, where 23 new Climate Justice Ambassadors attended. As the second Academy held at Deputado Gersino Coelho Municipal School, the initial presentation was made by one of the school's Climate Justice Ambassadors himself and everyone already got to experience the work of a Climate Justice Ambassador. Right after the presentation, we played the game called “Seed / Plant”, so that the children get ready and prepared for the course of the day. Prepared and equipped with our Plant-for-the-Planet shirt, we distributed the children in 5 teams to play the World Game. Here, the children paid close attention during the explanation and were very participative even in the rhetorical training session.

Therefore, we were able to finish this aspect of the Academy quite quickly and were able to head off to lunch together. Here, we talked about many interesting things regarding Plant-for-the-Planet, as well as the upcoming Climate Justice Ambassadors engagement in their schools.

We returned from lunch and the children were even more excited than before, some of them already excited about the cause, some telling of trees they had already planted and others wanting to plant that day.

We started Project-Creations, and in the process, as much as the kids were committed to the project, keeping everyone focused sometimes was a real challenge, but we were able to keep everyone interested thanks to the help of all the volunteers that were present.

The help of the school staff was indispensable for the development of this Academy, this helped us and promoted the good monitoring of activities with the children. So, after we finished the projects, we reinforced the rhetorical practices, showing them how to articulate more clear, how to get the attention of the people present and supported the explanation of their project, and without delay, we started to present the projects. We had projects related to recycling, rainwater harvesting and vegetable gardens.Finally, everyone got their Climate Justice Ambassador certificate and we took a last group photo to remember this productive day!

On May 3rd was the day of our planting. Here, we could count on 2 volunteers and the illustrious presence of MMA Fighter, Mayra Cantuária. When we arrived at the school, at the first moment, we reviewed and made the recommendations of how the planting would be done, for relaxation we played the “Seed-Plant” game and soon after this, we separated into groups of 6 to 7 children, together with the representatives of the School. All the preparatory work was already done by the city staff before the day of planting. In this school we planted 20 trees of native species of the Atlantic Forest and officially completed a successfull Academy!

All photos can be seen here.

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