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Restoration Community Talks – Kick-off on May 25th, 2021

Restoration Community Talks – Kick-off on May 25th, 2021

There is no power for change more significant than a community discovering what it truly cares about. 

No sooner said than done. On 25 May 2021, we kicked off our first Restoration Community Talk for leaders of restoration initiatives, people who are on the ground, taking care of the trees, to join us on our journey of creating better solutions to restore our planet.

At Plant-for-the-Planet, we are very proud to unite a network of more than 160 restoration projects, and we are very grateful to support this movement. The Plant-for-the-Planet platform for the Trillion Tree Campaign is the contribution of Children and Youth-led Plant-for-the-Planet towards our common goal to restore our planet for future generations. In the last few years, we have grown and evolved a lot as a platform and community. And together, we want to connect everyone working on nature and forests to learn more about projects’ needs, ideas, and approaches to make improvements on the technology and knowledge we create. 

To enable as many projects as possible, we conducted two sessions for different time zones to join the kick-off session. As a result, 45 restoration and conservation professionals from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Tanzania, South Africa, Thailand – just to name a few countries – attended the event.

The talks began with a presentation on the technological updates since the launch of the Trillion Tree Campaign in 2018.  These updates focused on the Plant-for-the-Planet platform and technical improvements concerning the project registration in the platform—enhanced visibility of donations for both users and organizations through account statements and the implementation of recurrent contributions.

The presentation also included details on features like TreeCash – the transactional API gateway for trees, Plant-for-the-Planet widgets, Whitelabeled app for Restoration, and the upcoming PlanetPay, which simplifies the donation experience for both donors and campaign creators. We are confident that this improvement will significantly contribute to the user experience, improve fundraising, increase biodiversity, and at the same time help us accelerate digital solutions for a fight against the climate crisis.

The main focus and most relevant topic was our newly released data collection tool for restoration monitoring – the TreeMapper. TreeMapper allows restoration projects to collect a wide range of data on the ground with maximum simplicity and minimal effort. It allows complex ecological analysis of the projects’ impact while being simple enough that any layman can collect the data with just their smartphone and without training. 

If you want to learn more about it, register for Plant-for-the-Planet’s Tree Mapper session at the UN Decade Launch event on June 4th, 2021, where you can better understand how it works and all you can do with it. 

The session ended with a question round from the participants, and after hearing all the comments and answering open questions, we had to say goodbye. But before that we announced our goal of continuing with the Talks on a recurrent basis. 

During the Restoration Community Talks, we will

  • Exchange and share knowledge on restoration methods.
  • Talk about success stories, doubts, or challenges.
  • Learn about features on the platform or
  • Simply get to know each other.

We are planning to host a Restoration Community Talk every two months. Please stay tuned for the coming session in July, 2021.  We will share an update for you with more information soon and hope to see you all next time.